Global Live Trading Competition
Starting from 01 March 2021


Cash Prize


Round: 1

Prize: $10,000

Winners: 3





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GC Contest, GC Forex and GC Markets (GC) jointly present the second-round and the third-round live account contest which starts from 01 Marchy 2021. All GC eligible retail traders will join the contest automatically and the contest is absolutely free of charge!

The prize pool for each round (5 trading days) is USD 10,700 withdrawable cash bonus. 10 traders with the highest percentage gain within the contest week will split the pool. Seize the chance and open a GC account with minimum USD 100 initial deposit. You may be one of the elite traders!

1st Place

1st Place


2nd Place

2nd Place


3rd Place

3rd Place


4th - 10th Places

$100 Each


Start Date

01 March 2021 (MT4 server time 00:00:00) –
05 March 2021 (MT4 server time 23:59:59)

Round Duration

5 Trading Days, starting from Monday



Prizes and Winners Selection

The Participant is deemed a winner if the percentage gain of his/her account ranks top three in the contest

Trading Rules

Leader Board

RankTrading AccountDay 4


Participation and Eligibility

Important Information

The 2020 GC Trading Contest Ranking Board which shows top 10 traders will be updated on the official website on a daily basis during the contest period.

After the contest round is finished, the results are announced at on the official website no later than 10 business days after the round end date. Moreover, GC will contact all winners (Top 10) within 10 business days through email. All clients should ensure your contact details are correct.

The company will run a background check on the winner, his or her legitimacy, information validity, and possible violations. Should any such issues be found, the Company reserves the right to cancel the Contest results.

Withdrawable cash bonus will be funded/transferred to the corresponding MT4 trading account that wins the trading contest within 10 working days after the result announcement.

Any kind of arbitrage trading or any other abuse with pricing and/or quotes, as well as the usage of failures in the quote flow for getting guaranteed profit will be subject to disqualification from the contest.

Any participant of the trading contest who violates or abuses the terms of use of the company’s services will be subject to disqualification from the contest for that week.

Subject to the terms and conditions stated herein, any and all weekly winners hereby allow their respective initials, location, winner's survey and trading record for the trading week to be published and/or distributed by GC, its agent and successors during and after the termination or expiry of the contests.

Personal information such as, but not limited to, your full name, address and account number(s) will not be published.

GC reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to discontinue the trading contest without any prior notification. In the event of any dispute, GC’s decision shall be final and conclusive.

GC reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate the trading contest, or any aspect of it, at any time. GC is not obliged to warn customers about changes in the trading contest. The client is obliged to comply with all the rules and conditions of the trading contest, as well as monitor their changes.

Any indication or suspicion, in the company’s reasonable discretion, of any form of arbitrage, abuse, fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage will nullify all transactions carried and/or profits or losses in that trading account.

This Terms & Conditions page has been prepared in different languages, and whilst all versions are considered authentic and accurate, in case of any disputes and their resolution the English version shall be deemed primary for legal purposes and shall prevail over others.

In case of any dispute, GC has sole and final discretion of interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.

All investments entail risks and may result in both profits and losses. In particular, trading leveraged derivative products such as Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) carries a high level of risk to your capital. All these derivative products, many of which are leveraged, may not be appropriate for all investors.

The effect of leverage is that both gains and losses are magnified. The prices of leveraged derivative products may change to your disadvantage very quickly, it is possible for you to lose more than your invested capital and you may be required to make further payments.

It is important that you understand that with investments, your capital is at risk. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. It is your responsibility to ensure that you make an informed decision about whether or not to invest with us.

Before deciding to invest in any financial product, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, trading knowledge and experience and affordability. You should seek independent professional financial advice if you do not understand the risks involved.

You should only trade in Forex and CFDs if you have sufficient knowledge and experience of the risks involved in trading such products and if you are dealing with money that you can afford to lose. GC assumes no liability for any loss sustained from trading in accordance with a recommendation.

This website, including the information and materials contained in it, are not directed at, or intended for distribution to or use by, any person or entity who is a citizen or resident of or located in the United States or any other jurisdiction where such distribution, publication, availability or use would be contrary to applicable law or regulation.

GC is an international organization lead by industry professionals with over 50 years of experience in the financial services sector.

Committed to providing efficient, strategic and comprehensive trading solutions to our clients, we pride ourselves in offering both cutting edge technology and sophisticated customer service.

Gemini Capital LLC (GC) is a company duly incorporated in Saint Vincent & The Grenadines and registered by the Financial Services Authority (‘FSA’) under Number 228 LLC 2019. Our registered address is located at Hinds Building, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Past Winners

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Official Release: GC Markets businesses will migrate to IV International LLC (IV Markets) on 29th May 2021
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